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Why trade Stocks

Stocks are pieces of ownership that gives the holder certain rights over the earning of the company. The owner of a stock share does not have the rights of decision making, they have the right to have their profits according to the percentage of shares they own. Nowadays everybody can reach stocks and trade on them. Both large players like banks or hedge funds and small investors participate in this market. There are 3 sections of markets you need to know before jumping to trade. Gray market is the where the stocks are traded before the company has gone public. Primary market is the market where stocks are offered and sold for the first time and directly from the company which issued them. Here, companies become public and they are opened to be traded by the public. Secondary market is where stocks are traded by traders and investors on their own and the company which issued them is not a direct participant in the transaction.

The main stock exchanges all over the world are New York Stock Exchange (New York, USA), NASDAQ (New York, USA), London Stock Exchange (London, England), Borsa Italiana (Milan, Italy), Japan Exchange Group (Tokyo, Japan), Hong Kong (Central, Hong Kong), Frankfurt Exchange (Frankfurt, Hesse, Germany), Shanghai stock exchange (Shanghai, China), Euronext (Amsterdam, Netherlands). When you enter a CFD trade you do not buy the asset itself, but you compromise with a contract with the broker to settle the difference between the agreed price and the real one. With CFDs you can buy or sell stocks very easy and make profits in both markets, raising and falling. We are aware that some of the stocks require high amount of capital to make an investment. Therefore, we offer trading on margin and leverage. We offer different leverages, from 20:1 up to 100:1. So, you will take large positions with a small capital investment form you.

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Stocks trading means buying or selling a piece of ownership of an individual company such as Amazon, Google, Apple. Stock are usually traded without the help of the leverage and through a stock exchange. Anyone who aim to trade on stocks can access stocks of individual companies, can open position, keep them pending if they consider the situation not favorable to close them, or close them. Traders usually diversify the risk by investing their capital in different stocks from different range of sectors. Investors may choose to open positions in safer stocks and predicting volatility. In the other hand, a trader might choose to diversify the portfolio with small, mid-cap technology stocks.

Why trading Stocks with Market Ltd?

Going short or selling stocks is one of the essential ways of generating profits. The beauty is that you can profit on both sides. It needs just to make the right decision, if you go short and the prices drop, congratulations, you just made your profits! If you go long and the prices go high, congratulations again, you made profits again!

We are offering a web-based trading platform so you choose the one you get familiar faster. Our Web Trader platform is very suitable for newbies, as we got lots of good feedback from them, as they find the platform easy, effective and intuitive yet it has the tools and powerful functionalities to help you create your profitable trading experience.

One of the biggest advantages is that there is enormous data and information available about any public stock. Since they are public, they are obligatory by law to make their reports public. They are released in the first month of each financial quarter. Your part is analysing these numbers and trying to figure out the historical patterns of the underlying stock.

Earning seasons are the times during which markets are the most active, and shares bring their highest price fluctuations. Same as other assets, commodities, metals in particular, forex. It depends on the type of trader, if they choose to be active during the fluctuations times, or postpone their trading activities in calmer waters. It all depends on the trader’s strategy.

Study the behavior and pattern on historical prices of global stocks. Stocks are considered as a perfect path to expand your wealth. Choose the ones you know more and go short or long. There are automatic mechanisms which will protect your capital like stop loss and take profits. Everything you need to succeed is here at marketltd.

Trade what you know the best, you like the most or the ones which are doing well. Usually traders go for big, well-reputed companies like Apple, Google, Amazon and they are making great profits. These companies have created an outstanding profile in the market, which is helping their shares prices to boost day by day and traders profit also, as per consequence of their success.

The range of financial instruments

Referred to an analyze of Goldman recently published in Investopedia, which included stocks in all 11 sectors of the S&P 500, the top 10 stocks in terms of projected 2020 EPS growth rates are: Charter Communications Inc. (CHTR), 88%, Netflix Inc. (NFLX), 63%, ExxonMobil Corp. (XOM), 39%, Facebook Inc. (FB), 36%, Bristol-Myers Squibb Co. (BMY), 34%, Adobe Inc. (ADBE), 27%, Inc. (AMZN), 26%, Nvidia Corp. (NVDA), 26%, Fiserv Inc. (FISV), 26%, and Qualcomm Inc. (QCOM), 24%.

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