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Why trade Commodities

Commodities are the basic products of consumption all over the world. Do you have a feeling of how they will behave? Open a trade! Commodities are traded all over the world on various exchanges and as futures contracts. Diversifying your portfolio with commodities is a very smart move, since they are safer and they do not go bankrupt. When commodities are traded on an exchange, they should meet some standards. They have some differences; however, they have the same nature. They are divided in two big categories, soft commodities, which are agricultural (sugar, corn, wheat, coffee)

There are various factors which influence commodities price and bring the fluctuations. First, let’s talk about supply and demand. There are some moments when the supply is cut due to the weather conditions or production problems. If the supply is cut and the demand stays the same, the prices tend to go higher, and vice versa. Stock and Inventories can be affected by factors like weather, diseases of the crops, production complication issues and government limitations by the taxes, trading laws and other kind of restrictions. Their connection with fiat currencies, as it is widely known some of the commodities are strongly connected with currencies. For example, the Canadian dollar is related to the oil trading prices because Canada is a large exporter of oil. If you know this kind of connections, you will be able to study the right spots of the markets and make appropriate decisions.

Commodities Live Prices

Commodities cover a wide range of raw materials, including energy, agriculture . Their value come from the market demand and supply for them. Supply is depended in the weather conditions in the case of agriculture and cost of mining and getting them out of the earth in the case of energy. Demand is depended on wider conditions such as the cycle of the economy and the rate population growth. Commodities can substitute one another and can be traded as alone units.  Energies are traded against major currencies, agriculture are traded as stand-alone contracts.

Why trading Commodities with Market Ltd?

Yes, commodities are divided in four major groups, but you are enabled to choose commodities from all the groups. For example, you can diversify your trading portfolio with such commodities: cocoa, corn, wheat, oil, gas. Among many factors, supply and demand are the major factors which influence their prices.

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Trade Commodities and explore the safest branch of financial markets. Trading commodities is a good way to diversify the risk in your portfolio. With Market Ltd you can execute low spread trades in any commodity category: energy, agriculture. Deal with the best trading conditions in the market.

A vast range of natural resources, agriculture available to trade anytime you want. You have a competitive trading environment to speculate on hundreds natural resources like oil and many agriculture like rise, corn and more.

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Every financial consultant advice is to diversify your trading portfolio. As many commodities you have, better is for you. They are a safe asset (most of the time) and what is most important, they do not go bankrupt. They are a good protector against inflation. When economies go through inflation, commodity’s prices go up. Commodities are traded on margins, which means that you will be more exposed in the market even if you invest a small amount of capital. So, all you need at this moment is a minimum amount of capital to fund your trading account of $250 and a smart device to log in to your account.

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